A Miraculous Experience

Magical Day EndingSometime back, a friend told me about Sai Nav Guruwar (Nine Thursdays) vrat. It is a very simple fast that is done for 9 Thursdays. The specialty of this fast is that there are no strict restrictions regarding food. In fact, it is said that people doing this vrat shouldn’t do it on an empty stomach. A person from any religion/cast/creed can do this vrat. What’s more important is doing it with full faith and devotion.

If you are just looking for the procedure/vrat Katha, then click here to read/download it. If you would like to know about experiences, continue reading below to know whether it works or not.

Sai Guruwar Vrat Experiences of My Friends
The friend told me that she was looking for a job with no luck. When she started doing this vrat for it, she got a call for an interview on the first Thursday of her vrat and got the job. She told me that she came to know about the vrat from another friend who met the guy of her dreams after she did this vrat. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I didn’t believe in these kind of things. But today my opinion has changed and here’s my personal experience…

My Experience about the Vrat
Few months back my mom got some rashes on her skin. At first, she thought it was an allergic reaction to dust. But when it didn’t go away and started spreading, she consulted a dermatologist. The doctor said it is a rare skin disease which doesn’t have any established cure, and the causes are also unknown. She said it would go away naturally, but it would take time (6 – 12 months or even more). Then, we consulted other doctors and the diagnosis was the same.

The doctors did give her some medicines, but they said there are no guarantees as there is no specific cure for it. The rashes kept spreading and my mom was very worried about it. To tell the truth, I was freaked out too because I read somewhere that some of the patients having this skin disease also suffered from a life threatening disease.

Then, I again heard about the Sai Nav (nine) Guruwar (Thursday) vrat (fast) and someone’s experience with it. This time, I decided to do the vrat.

On a Thursday, when we were at a relative’s place, one of them caught cold and we offered to take them to a hospital. They asked us to drop them at an Ayurvedic clinic. They told us their story of going for Ayurvedic medicine after allopathic medicine caused more side effects than relief for a prolonged illness. After hearing their story, my mom decided to try it too. The Ayurvedic doctor diagnosed the disease same as other doctors, but he gave her some medicine saying that she should see the difference within 7 days.

Unfortunately, we lost the medicine while traveling back home. It was prepared at the doctor’s clinic so we couldn’t find it at our local stores. When we were worrying about how to get the medicine and I was praying, we got a call from another relative that they found the medicine at their place. It somehow got mixed up with their stuff while we stayed at their place. Then, we started thinking how to get it to our place as the medicines included a liquid medicine too, and we didn’t want to get it through post as their place was in an interior part where courier service isn’t so good.

Next day we came to know about someone who was traveling through our city, we requested him to get the medicines for us. We got the medicine on a Thursday and she started taking it. The itching stopped within three days and the rashes started disappearing within a week. All the rashes totally disappeared within a month.

I know some of you might think that it was just a series of coincidences, but getting to know about the doctor when we were on a vacation, getting the lost medicine back to our place and most importantly, getting cured of a disease that doesn’t have a cure isn’t just a coincidence for me. Most of the solutions we got also happened on Thursdays.

Sai Vrat Story & Procedure
I have created a pdf file of the vrat story involving the procedure of the vrat. Click here to read/download it

PS: We are truly grateful to the doctor who treated her, but at the same time it was kind of a miracle.

Image: Magical Day Ending by Pablo Tano under Creative Commons Attribution License